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The Maidenhead is a pirate ship. Only maidens who are in some way not human operate this ship. Its captains are long-eared Tomomo and, later, St. Sigrid.


Made of red wood, the ship is grown entirely as a tree. There are branches and orange fruits sprouting from the mast. They are even forming the crow´s nest. The figurehead is a sea goat with a curling tail.

The sails are deep red. The rails are curled and carved with arcane designs.



The red wood of the ship was originally bought by Itto, the Twinned Star. Most of it is stolen by the shipwrights, but one broken plank is left. Itto, considering it as his only friend, buries it deep in the woods "far from any place which salted its meat".

The Book of the Sea[]

Tomomo, having helped Itto, receives the location of the scarlet wood and Itto´s last two drops of light, finds the long-buried ship. The talking figurehead sets her aboard and she starts hiring a crew. Later on, the whole ship is covered in barnacle-like eggs and is swallowed by the Echeneis.